Scott Thompson
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
You have to fight back
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: MeltingPots
9/26/13 11:11 PM
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In a new interview with, comedian Scott Thompson, perhaps best known for his participation in the sketch comedy show “Kids In The Hall,” gave some controversial advice for kids who are dealing with bullying:

“Grow a pair. Here’s the thing: The world is not kind to us; it never really will be. The gay male is always going to be at the bottom. I believe the things that happened to me as a child scarred me terribly, and I wish somebody would have helped me with some of the things that happened. But you have to fight back. So much of these bullying campaigns are part of the trend that we were just talking about – the recasting of gay men as eternal victims and it’s like, fight back! Fathers should start teaching the boys how to punch. He does that to you, here’s what you do: You f***ing punch him in the face.”

Thompson also claims that “women are bullying now!” adding, “Who’s doing the neutering? Women. Straight men don’t do it; they don’t give a shit. They are jealous of how much sex we have. It’s women who are neutering us. They want us to be their shopping companions…”

Earlier this month Thompson had a slightly different take on the issue when he told OutTakeOnline, “What you really need is people like The Rock to say [that bullying is wrong]. Those kids need to hear The Rock and rappers and 50 Cent, they’re the ones that those boys need to hear.”

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