Kyra Batte
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied in middle school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: 180turn
9/20/13 12:27 AM
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Kyra Batté began her hosting career as a radio show personality, discussing politics and current events on KJLL "The Jolt!" She then became a radio show host for Sounds of the Cave in Los Angeles. Making the leap from radio to television, Kyra is now a TV host for AMC, delivering you all your latest movie news. You can also catch her on AfterBuzz TV, created by Extra host Maria Menounos, which is fan's #1 source for after-show entertainment with a fan base that is worldwide. Kyra has covered some of Hollywood’s hottest events from hosting at LA Fashion Week, Oscar parties, attending the Grammys, reporting at E3 and at the gifting suites of the Golden Globes and the MTV Movie Awards.

I most definitely had a tough teenage phase like most everyone else! I was raised solely by my mother and grandmother with very little communication with my father. I never really got to establish a solid relationship with him. Due to that, it made my childhood very difficult. In middle school I had severe acne, braces, and was a victim of bullying. During my teenage years I completely rebelled and had my fair share of detentions and run-ins with authority. I have no idea how my poor mom handled me! I was going down the wrong path and was a very angry, troubled young girl. It wasn’t until I was 16 in my junior year of high school, I realized I didn’t want to grow up that way and have that kind of lifestyle after looking at some of my peers.

“I started taking college classes in high school and advanced math (fun tidbit about me, math was always my favorite subject and I love to crunch numbers!) and was able to graduate one year early. It wasn’t until college I had any kind confidence within myself. I need to let go of the ideas in my head that I was never good enough, that I didn’t deserve good things, or that I couldn’t accomplish anything. I really had to let go and forgive everything that had happened in my life and create a confidence within myself. That is why as a beauty queen I have made it my mission to decrease bullying and improve the mental health and confidence in youth. I was recognized by the Miss America Organization for my community service and have dedicated over 200 hours serving my community, speaking to children at schools and organizations, talking to the public, writing published articles, and built a website to hopefully decrease the bullying epidemic and suicide rates in young adults and I plan to continue to mentor young women.”!bio/c193m

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Posted By: OlTimer | 9/23/13 1:14 PM
She has it right about gaining that confidence within yourself and then noting else matters
Posted By: WeeBug | 9/25/13 11:06 AM
Took me until Uni when I started gaining confidence as a woman so dont feel like hope is lost if you still feel shy and unworthy in high school because one day you will become a strong woman
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