Crystal Renn
Bullying Survivor
Female | Brooklyn, NY   United States
Bullied for her weight
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Risen
9/19/13 12:00 PM
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Renn started her modeling career in high fashion at the age of 14 after being spotted by a professional scout in her hometown in Clinton, Mississippi. Renn was told she would need to lose almost a third of her total body weight if she wanted to become a model. Later, after years of anorexia nervosa, Renn reassessed her diet and exercise habits. After gaining 70 pounds (32 kg) and re-emerging as a U.S. size 12, she was re-marketed by her agents as a plus-size model. Renn has authored a book, Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves, about her experiences in the fashion industry in relation to her several body type transformations.

The "plus-size" model has spoken out about her eating disorders and pressure to be thin. Crystal claims she was bullied by the fashion industry to maintain her stick-thin figure. The model has said, "I feel pressure from -- more than anyplace -- from the public, and the media." Crystal is nowhere near "plus-size" these days, as the former plus-size model has lost a considerable amount of weight that she claims was unintentional. If you ask us, Renn looks just right.

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Posted By: OlTimer | 9/23/13 1:18 PM
Skinny or heavy she is stunning
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