Isaiah Myers
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Halifax, NS   Canada
Boy bullied for haircut Mom asks for support online
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: AllUpTogether
9/18/13 10:47 AM
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Isaiah Myers probably never thought his buzzed haircut would earn him the attention of millions of Facebook users.

The 9-year-old Nova Scotian became a viral sensation after his mother Becky posted a photo of his shaved head on Facebook last week because the new look got him bullied at school.

"Isaiah was tormented at school today because he got his head shaved =) i told him I would put a picture on facebook and see how many likes I could get! I think he looks handsome!! Let's cheer my boy up =)," Becky wrote.

She could never had predicted that her request would land 2.5 million likes and roughly 35,000 shares as of Wednesday morning.

Becky later posted a video of the family's neighbour shaving his head in solidarity. You can watch it above.

Isaiah usually gets his hair cut short during the summer months, according to the Chronicle Herald, but this year his mother noticed that her son was wearing a hooded sweatshirt in

Isaiah told his mother “I don’t want anybody to see my hair ... Everybody was laughing at me and making fun of my hair today and telling me it looks stupid," the Herald reports

Becky contacted the principal at Isaiah's school who has promised the matter will be dealt with.

And it seems the problem of bullying, despite government action, has not been solved.

Let's hope Isaiah's happier story helps teach grade school children that bullying, and the type of behaviour it can lead to, just isn't cool.

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Posted By: PLAIN2Csally | 9/18/13 11:49 AM
I think the haircut looks good on the kid.
Posted By: TrafficAustin | 9/19/13 11:49 AM
Yep he's a cute kid, the kids at school were just jealous.
Posted By: isaiahsmom | 10/15/13 2:47 PM
Hey everyone i'm isaiah's mom! things are 100% better now, thanks for sharing his story
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