"Dear Bully" letter
Female | Hazlet, NJ   United States
Lisa the most hated bully on social media
Bullying Type: Emotional
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9/18/13 9:18 AM
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Dear Lisa,

Documentation is everything when someone's crude and vile and dangerous behavior has to be stopped. I have been collecting your comments, posts, tweets, I was given access to all of your voicemails . I will put a stop to your bullying and abuse. I have an army behind me, you have no one because you're unstable and untrustworthy sneaky and maniacal. Every move you make on twitter, Instagram, tumbler, pinterest, etc is being watched. Your bullying days are over. You can't be dumb enough to believe you can get away with the things you do and say. There are laws. You'll learn soon enough. We are watching you. Your days of bullying and making up lies about posting deceased children, calling people a child molester and offering to show your private parts to married men for money and posting photos of you doing hard illegal drugs are over. Go be a mother before you lose your parental rights

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