Zayn Malik
Bullying Survivor
Male | Bradford, England   United Kingdom
Bullied for being Muslim
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: SrCap
9/06/13 12:50 AM
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Zayn Malik is feeling bullied after being made fun of on Twitter. The One Direction member posted a photo that showed his girlfriend and his family celebrating Eid, a Muslim holiday. On October 3, Celebuzz reported that Malik got a bunch of hateful messages on Twitter, making fun of his religion.

"I believe that your religion should be between you and whoever your belief is in," said Malik in a recent interview. "I don’t think you should stick it in people’s faces. I think you should just keep it to yourself, and that’s how I’ve always been with it. I just had seen a few things that had annoyed me. I thought we had moved away from that and we’re living in the 21st century and people could accept people from different religions," he added.

Zayn Malik has quit Twitter in the past, mainly because of the negativity. While it's easy to say that he should focus on the millions of supporters that he has sending him love every day, it isn't easy to ignore the haters—especially when they are attacking your religion. It has not been an easy road for Zayn, who has gotten really upset over the angry tweets.

"[They] shouldn’t have wound me up, but [they] did," he said, admitting that the negative, degrading messages that he has received have managed to get under his skin. Of course, this is normal—what can anyone expect from a -20 year-old kid? This is all new to him and, sadly, his religion has made him a target.

Zayn Malik might find himself leaving Twitter again, and his fans have to support him. It is more important that he keeps his head in the game and that he focuses on the positive.

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