Peter Dooley
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Lancaster, PA   United States
Bullies took his shoes
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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9/05/13 11:19 AM
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12 year old Peter Dooley is safe at home after Lancaster Police were searching Tuesday afternoon.

He ran away from school staff at the Dash Program.

His mother told FOX43 he was found after he wandered on to somebody’s porch.

This all happened because Dooley was bullied by kids on the bus.

FOX43 spoke with Dooley and his mother just after he returned to his home on Hager Street in Lancaster.

Dooley says two older kids wanted him to come with them and he didn’t want to.

He says the kids stole his brand new sneakers and that’s when he ran off.

He says the kids followed him and wanted him to sleep in the park.

Dooley’s mother says she’s thankful the Lancaster police were able to find her son, but she’s even happier he’s now safe and back where he belongs.

“I just hope the kids that did this, I just hope that someone bullies them someday and takes their stuff and let them know how they feel because I struggle with my kids I have 6 of them and the little bit of stuff they have I work hard for and find ways to get that and for somebody to just go and bully my son and take them right off his feet…that’s just wrong,” says Peter Dooley’s mother, Tammy Muriel.

Dooley’s mother says her son has special needs and she’s upset he’s targeted by bullies.

She also tells FOX43 that her son will not be riding the bus on Wednesday.

As for Dooley’s shoes, he says they didn’t even fit the feet of the kids that took them.

He’s using his neighbor’s shoes for now.

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