Mackinlee Waddell
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied for her scar
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Koncepts
8/20/13 11:25 AM
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"When I was five, I had open heart surgery so I have a scar on my chest," Mackinlee Waddell, who plays McKinney Peacham on ABC's new hit prime-time soap, told me at the E!-sponsored premiere of Bully. "When I wore swimsuits—especially in middle school and freshman year in high school—people would be like, 'Oh, what's that?' and they would then kind of make fun of me. It always made me feel really different."
Thankfully, things changed. "I slowly started meeting other kids who had it and I got confidence," Waddell said. "I realized that things that made you different also make you special."

It's one of the reasons she attended the Bully premiere. "Kids can be cruel," Waddell said. "That's why it's so important to use celebrities and get people together and let kids know it's not OK to bully. Kids pay attention to celebrities."

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Posted By: 1TXmom | 8/20/13 12:50 PM
Every single kid out there is special so don't forget that
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