Rosie Mercado
Bullying Survivor
Female | Las Vegas, NV   United States
Bullied for her weight
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Shields
8/19/13 11:33 AM
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In a rather distasteful display of shamelessness and stupidity, Internet trolls have cyber attacked plus-size model Rosie Mercado.The reason for the unprovoked harassment? Well, because Rosie is big and beautiful. Go figure!
The debacle started on the social networking site after Pinup Girl, which is not exclusively a full-figured but rather a progressive all-inclusive fashion line that creates “nifty threads for girly-girls and bodacious bombshells,” included a sexy shot of Curvy Girls star Rosie modeling PUG’s fab new Lucky Green Erin Dress.

We won’t reprint the nasty comments left by the Internet trolls, but trust us, it was uncalled for and unsettling — so much so that Pinup Girl staffer Micheline Pitt removed the posts and chastised the trolls with a warning: “If you guys don’t have anything nice to say or want to insult the model, photographer, dress, anything, I WILL REMOVE YOUR COMMENT. If you are mean or rude I will BAN you. Micheline.”

And one Pinup Girl fan, Alyson, posted what we were all thinking: “I can’t believe how hard everyone is trying to troll on this model. Srsly, I hope she doesn’t read this.”

Well, Rosie did read the comments, and she responded in the sensible and inspiring way that you would expect from one of the plus-size fashion industry’s most charismatic and likeable models.

“To those who love it, thank you,” Rosie responded. “To those who hate it, thank you!!! I am proud to represent a company that stands for plus size diversity in all that they do. They don’t show you a possibility or a dream; they show you a reality that at any size, we choose what we wear and that we are beautiful in different shapes and sizes. So, ladies, focus on the positive, move forward…Love yourself – don’t wait for someone to accept you!!!!!”

I felt that I needed to respond not [only for] the women that I represent and who follow my work, that believe in and support me; I felt the need to stand up for myself.

Sometimes, as women we go through a journey where we may not know the best way to respond to attacks or negative comments. I want women to know it’s OK to use your voice with love and for a great purpose! I had to stand up and say enough is enough; show women to let people hear their voice in a strong but respectful manner.

As a strong woman, I have a voice and it will be used for good, encouragement and inspiration. We all have a story and it’s our responsibility to share it with the world because we have an opportunity to heal our lives and others. You never know who is watching you, and you will never know how strong a loving word will impact someone’s life forever

Life is beautiful! As long as I am living and breathing, I am here with a great purpose! I am a powerful, loving, faithful, determined, healthy, strong, smart, passionate woman living the life of my dreams now! I speak faith into my future because I will accomplish my goals!

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Posted By: KTcolorado | 8/19/13 2:08 PM
I think more companies should monitor their comments and ban all of the people who want to be senseless bullies. I think this girl is beautiful and its a good thing she knows it and is so strong.
Posted By: 1TXmom | 8/20/13 12:56 PM
Curvy girls are gorgeous
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