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Ugly people more likely to be bullied at work: study
Bullying Type: Emotional
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8/14/13 12:35 PM
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Good-looking popular kids will continue to pick those they think are less-attractive even after high school, according to a recent study.

Research published in the journal Human Performance found that workplace bullies are more likely to single out colleagues they consider unattractive.

Professors Brent Scott of Michigan State University and Timothy Judge of the University of Notre Dame surveyed 114 health care workers about how often their co-workers said hurtful things, made fun of them or were outright rude.

They also photographed the participants and asked strangers to judge their attractiveness based on the pictures.

According to the study, entitled "Beauty, Personality, and Affect as Antecedents of Counterproductive Work Behavior Receipt," the workers who were considered "unattractive" were more likely to be tormented by their peers.

"And, not only do we, as a society, perceive attractive and unattractive co-workers differently, we act on those perceptions in ways that are hurtful," Judge told Notre Dame News.

Other research has shown that attractive people are usually more confident, which causes others to see them in a positive light, according to Psych Central. As a result, these individuals are often perceived as more intelligent or moral, regardless of their skill level.

"Given that physical attractiveness is not a bona fide occupational qualification for most jobs, our new findings are problematic for society," Judge said. "Worse, research reliably shows that we're more influenced by attractiveness than we are willing to admit."

Judge suggested that people recognize their biases and become "more open and honest about their pervasiveness."

Workplace bullying has gained more attention as a prevalent problem and not just a part of employee culture in the last couple years. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, CareerBuilder found that 35% of employees said they had been bullied at work.

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Posted By: GreenerAcres2 | 8/15/13 10:36 AM
Well... what can I say. I try to treat people equally (rich, poor, pretty or ugly) as a matter of fact, I probably act in the exact opposite manner most did in the study, although I do try to be nice in most situations.
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