Dan Truong
Bullying Survivor
Male | Vietnam   Vietnam
Bullied at school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Grated
8/13/13 11:30 AM
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Throughout his career, the 37-year-old singer born to a poor ballpoint pen making family in Ho Chi Minh City, had maintained a squeaky clean image as a hardworking artist, releasing nearly 30 CDs since 1999.

He entered the music industry in 1997, one year after finishing third in a local singing contest, quickly transforming from a boy who was bullied at school into a pop star praised for his charm, soft voice and moving love and folk songs.

Truong has built one of the largest fan bases in the history of Vietnamese pop music. For nearly a decade, he repeatedly won awards for best song and favorite artist based on the votes of local music fans.


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Posted By: PieQueenSouth | 8/13/13 1:54 PM
I bet when people heard him sing that went to school with him they felt like idiots
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