Kylie Martin
Bullying Survivor
Female | Houston, TX   United States
Laugh away bullies
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: KylieMartin93
8/12/13 3:05 PM
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Hi! My name is Kylie Martin and I was a victim of cruel bullying when I was in high school. I liked the wrong boy and didnt like the wrong girl and that was enough to make my life miserable. I was teased and had rumors started about me( being pregant or a sl*t) I would cry sometimes when i would go home because I had to put on a tough face when I was at school and it would get the best of me. One day I stopped getting mad at the bullies and said to myself these people are trying so hard to make me unhappy and I am letting them do it. I am giving them what they want and I am sick of letting them do this to me. I started laughing at them when they would say things to me. I would tell people near me that I dont understand why they talk to me so much when I dont even care about them. Soon others began to notice how frequently they were saying mean things to me because they would hear me laugh and I would just shake my head and repeat what they said so others could hear. Soon people starting sticking up for me. They would tell them to leave me alone because I was always so nice and didnt deserve that. It was funny to act like I didnt care and I had other people who cared so much they would help me. I was so happy that I could just laugh away the bullies and they had no more power over me anymore. Now I knew that I could do this always and I still do at my job today when someone tries to be mean to me. Laughing just works so much better and I dont feel bad because I never get upset over it. I wish you would do what I do because the world needs a lot more laughter.

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Posted By: PieQueenSouth | 8/13/13 2:11 PM
You got a good head on your shoulders and are as sweet as sugar so dont let anyone change you.
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