Peterborough Nurse
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Peterborough, ON   Canada
Nurse who bullied co-workers could fight for her job back
Bullying Type: Emotional
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8/09/13 1:55 PM
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PETERBOROUGH) A nurse fired for bullying co-workers could try to get her job back.

In November 2010, a dialysis nurse was suspended from the Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) pending an investigation into her behaviour in the workplace, according to Occupational Health and Safety Law Employment Law Today.

A month later, she was fired.

The arbitrator for the case found there was no previous warning or discipline in response to what other employees called "intimidating and bullying conduct", which created a hostile working environment.

Media reports suggest her behaviour led the resignation of at least two co-workers.

The arbitrator for the case determined the hospital didn't have just cause to fire the nurse, but didn't order the hospital to reinstate her. Instead he ordered the hospital to pay damages to the fired employee.

Arnel Schiratti, director of strategic communications and engagåement for the hospital, says he believes the nurse may appeal the arbitrator's decision to not have her reinstated at the hospital.

"We understand it might be appealed," he says, noting the hospital can't comment on specific cases.

According to Mr. Schiratti, the hospital has a strict harassment and bullying policy which is strongly adhered to.

"Everyone should have a safe working environment," he says, noting cases like this are rare. "When we do come upon them we have to deal with them directly and swiftly."

Mr. Schiratti says when employees aren't getting along, the workplace environment changes, and the patients notice too.

"When staff are uncomfortableâ?¦it obviously has an impact on patient care," he says.

When staff at the hospital are experiencing or witnessing bullying, the hospital's harassment policy details the first person to deal with the situation is the employee's direct supervisor.

Through an escalation policy, supervisors are then supported by directors and human resources staff.

Sheree Bond, spokesperson for the Ontario Nurses' Association, says the union can't comment on the issue.

"The case is confidential as it's unfolding," she says.

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Posted By: ThanksTheLord | 8/12/13 10:14 AM
There is not much worse than hating your job because you know when you get there people will be hating on you in one way or another. A hostile work environment shouldn't be tolerated.
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