Shu Fanny
Bullying Survivor
Female | China, Republic of (Taiwan)   China, Republic of (Taiwan)
Cyber bullied
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: PLOWS
8/08/13 11:07 AM
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A well-known actress has turned a cold shoulder to China's most popular microblogging service after being humiliated online, prompting calls for taming the cyber-bullying hitting the world's largest Internet population.
Shu Fanny, an actress from Taiwan and a Golden Horse Award winner, became the latest high-profile victim of cyber-bulling in an online squabble that simmered for weeks.

Shu deleted all of her 8,000 posts and stopped following all accounts Monday on Sina Weibo, China's most popular Twitter-like microblogging service, after voicing her support for Donnie Yen.

"Donnie Yen is dedicated to, and serious about, work," Shu wrote on her microblog.

Her simple post garnered thousands of abusive comments, and users even forwarded a poster from a pornographic film Shu shot when she was 17. Many believed the backlash against Shu was linked to a fierce battle raging online between the fans of Donnie Yen and Chiu Man-Cheuk, two Chinese actors.

Shu's departure from the microblog community shocked her 10 million followers and prompted tens of thousands of Internet users to reflect on cyber-bullying.

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Posted By: polishedK | 8/08/13 1:22 PM
When people get on those social network accounts they say things they would never say in person.Those same people would ask for a picture and a autograph if they bumped into her
Posted By: PieQueenSouth | 8/13/13 2:02 PM
The less stress the better so if you dont want to be a part of the negativity then shut the accounts down
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