"Dear Bully" letter
Female | Smiths Falls, ON   Canada
The way you made me Feel
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Queenbexoxo
8/07/13 1:25 PM
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Dear: Taylor

Hi Taylor,
I would tell you the way you made me feel. You made Feel like I was nothing at all you made me feel like I was 1 foot tall, WE used to be best of friends but then you went with the popular girls and acted like I was nothing at all.
then you said it was all my fault. YOU SAID I Backstabbed you witch I never did. Then you called me a 2 timing B****. I am Telling you the truth. I don't even want to go to school anymore because of you! YOU got all my friends to turn on me. Then you Called me a BIG FAT PIG! even that I am not. YOU FINALLY GOT ME TO BELIVE ALL THOSE THINGS! WHY Don't you like me anymore?
Sincerely :

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