Tiffany Hsu
Bullying Survivor
Female | China, Republic of (Taiwan)   China, Republic of (Taiwan)
Bullied for frizzy hair
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Retro
8/07/13 12:02 PM
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Tiffany Hsu is an Italian-Taiwanese model and actress. She is under the management of Catwalk modellng agency and well known for her role in Taiwanese drama, It Started With A Kiss and its sequel, They Kiss Again.

Tiffany suffered at the hands of bullies in her school because she came from mixed decent and had very curly frizzy hair.Children in school attacking anything that is different made Hsu's school life very miserable from the constant bullying."I hated taking pictures when I was in secondary school. I've tried to cut my hair by myself before, while hoping that I had straight hair like everyone else,"

Thankfully Tiffany pushed through her bullying and as a result has had a career of success and is till going stong.

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Posted By: AsROCK | 8/07/13 2:07 PM
If she had frizzy hair now I would still think she was beautiful
Posted By: polishedK | 8/08/13 1:23 PM
Her skin is flawless I want it!! lol
Posted By: PieQueenSouth | 8/13/13 2:06 PM
Dont live in the South then because the humidity is so bad your hair will frizz up or go flat
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Name: Tiffany Hsu
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