Hannah Quinlivan
Bullying Survivor
Female | Sydney, New South Wales   Australia
Bullied for heritage
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Retro
8/07/13 11:52 AM
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Hannah Quinlivan used to be a victim of bullying when she was studying at a Taiwanese school.

The gorgeous 18-year-old, who is of Taiwanese and American descent, suffered teasing and taunts from her Taiwanese classmates due to her Eurasian looks.

The model-cum-VJ spent her childhood in Australia and studied briefly in Taiwan, but soon returned to Australia, as she had failed to adapt to the life in Taiwan.

Due to the language barrier, Hannah was constantly made fun of and being called all sorts of nasty names, such as "orangutan" and "green-blooded alien".

She sadly recalled how she couldn't really fight back with her limited Mandarin vocabulary and ended up bottling up her frustration.


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Posted By: AsROCK | 8/07/13 2:09 PM
I would like to be the first to point out that she looks nothing like an orangutan so I have no idea where that even came from because she is super cute
Posted By: polishedK | 8/08/13 1:27 PM
Thats how I always feel when people are looking at me and speaking a different language then laughing. I know they are talking about me and I wish I could say something but you have no clue what they actually said. That would be really hard on a kid to deal with that
Posted By: PieQueenSouth | 8/13/13 2:07 PM
Boys are so silly you know they all thought she was secretly beautiful and couldnt deal with it
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