Stephanie Marie Hanvey
Bullying Survivor
Female | Howell, NJ   United States
Bullied for singing
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: WashOut
8/06/13 10:42 AM
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I realized I could sing when I was younger I would always sing karaoke to my family and friends all the time. My friend’s Dad told my parents that I needed to do something with that voice of mine; at first my parents didn’t think anything of it so they just pushed it aside. I realized at the age of nine that I wanted to perform in front of a crowd. I signed myself up for NJ101.5 Big Joe Jersey Talent Show. I started developing stage presence and practiced how to engage the audience for the show with the songs “Coat Of Many Colors”-By Dolly Parton, and “Imagine”- By John Lennon.

After winning the talent show I was founded by Sergio George a 5-time Latin Grammy winner. He flew me out to Florida to record an 11-song album called “BKidz” and it was sold worldwide in stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy (etc). I went on to perform and win at The Apollo Theatre, performed at Madison Square Garden, Izod Center, Prudential Center, Calle Ocho, featured on the MTV VMA’s red carpet as the next teen Pop Star and also I attended the Chaka Khan UNICEF event. I went to California to make my first album called “I’m That Girl” and I co-wrote all of my songs on the album with top producers from Disney, and one of my hit songs that I co-wrote was “Your Own Superstar,” that played nationally on radio stations. I also was recently featured on Channel 14 , on MSG Varsity’s talent show and I represented my school.

I wrote the song “I’m That Girl” because I was once bullied because of my talent. After winning the Talent Show my fellow peers could not understand how a shy girl like me could win a singing competition. I wrote a song of what I was going through in school, and young girls like myself could relate. In the song it states,” I’m the girl who’s unique, I’m the one who stands out in the crowd.”

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Posted By: LoveMN | 8/06/13 12:48 PM
Adorable! Spread your wings darlin!
Posted By: AsROCK | 8/07/13 2:10 PM
Dang 14 years old and already selling albums worldwide WTG kid
Posted By: polishedK | 8/08/13 1:29 PM
Hello future superstar
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