Jasmin Rodriguez
Bullying Survivor
Female | New York, NY   United States
Constantly bullied growing up
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: WashOut
8/06/13 10:16 AM
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Can one find glamour at the Salvation Army? Just ask Vintage Vandalizm (real name Jasmin Rodriguez), whose bombshell beauty and pinup couture makes her one of the coolest Latinas you‘ll ever meet. Guys love her hourglass figure, bedroom eyes, and Bettie Page do, whereas the ladies adore everything she wears, whether it be a Betsey Johnson gown or an old Hollywood-era dress found at a local thrift store. Vintage Vandalizm isn’t just an avid couture collector-she’s also a model, fashion designer, artist, and renowned blogger. Her website allows readers to get a sneak peek into her day-to-day life finding breathtaking outfits minus wallet-emptying prices. Plus, if you need help in channeling your inner screen siren, this Puerto Rican muse can also serve as your personal stylist and shopper. Vintage Vandalizm easily struts and writes her way into your heart and instantly inspires other Latinas to dress up to celebrate their bodies. NocheLatina chats with Vintage Vandalizm about her passion for fashion, how Latinas can feel sexy, and why the Salvation Army can be your new it-place to get glam.

To be completely honest, the saddest part of growing up in my neighborhood was that there weren't many Puerto Ricans. To top it off, the only Puerto Ricans that lived there didn't even like me. Many times people would call me ‘white’ and tell me I wasn't Latina because of my style or personality. I often thought it was a shame that people associated style, or anything different for that matter, with being Caucasian. That’s when I started to embrace being me because I knew I was breaking the mold. I knew that eventually they would learn to appreciate me for being me. I was constantly teased and bullied and it only fed the fire in me. I was a rebel and the more they tried to make me conform, the more I rebelled against it. I am 25 years-old now and many of those people respect me today.


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Posted By: LoveMN | 8/06/13 12:49 PM
Staying true to who you are knowing that one day they would appreciate you takes a really strong minded person and she is absolutely right people do love her now!
Posted By: AsROCK | 8/07/13 2:11 PM
I love her whole look! I bet she is bar far the most interesting and successful person out of all the kids that used to bully her
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