Russell Garrard
Bullying Survivor
Male | Brisbane, Queensland   Australia
Former Brisbane student still haunted by bullying years later
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: WashOut
8/06/13 9:32 AM
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Russell Garrard, now 27, successfully sued the State Government for post-traumatic stress after five years of bullying at three state schools.

Mr Garrard's statement of claim alleged up to 25 separate incidents between 1996 and 2001 at the Brisbane schools.

The claim argued that as a result of the negligence and failure of the schools in terms of duty of care, Mr Garrard had suffered personal injuries, post-traumatic stress and a major depressive disorder.

After a three-year legal battle, he won an undisclosed out-of-court settlement.

Now living on the Sunshine Coast, Mr Garrard said he was still haunted by the suffering inflicted by school bullies.

He said incidents had included being stabbed in the back with a compass or sharp pencil by someone sitting behind him in class, being held down and punched, spat at and locked in the toilets.

"I will always carry it. It was a horrible experience. The teachers were not helping. The principal was not helping. I was on my own, no one would listen,'' Mr Garrard said.

"People think bullying is name calling and some push and shove, but it can be devastating.

"It will never go away for me, I just have to do my best to try and deal with it. I can't get a job because I left school in Year 10 and have had these problems. What can you do, the memories will always be there."

Mr Garrard said he was on disability payments and continued to suffer from insomnia and fatigue.

He said victims were hurt twice, once by the bullies and then again by the system that failed to support them or deal with offenders.

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Posted By: MryMaryNYC | 8/09/13 10:35 AM
That case should send a strong message to the district, that they need to tighten up their anti-bullying policies.
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