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Cyberbullying – Every third student is bullied online
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: 3rdDim
8/02/13 2:16 AM
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The Internet is an ideal place for young bullies: A new poll shows that one in three students therefore ever been the victim of virtual bullying. A third of those affected is auderdem not only perpetrators but also victims

div insults, spreading rumors, show embarrassing pictures:. Released Friday from a study at the Universities of Münster and Hohenheim with more than 5,600 students at 33 schools in the southern German space shows that one in three students had been a victim of cyber bullying. The study also shows, according to the researchers, the most hurtful forms of cyber bullying are comparatively rare. The most widespread are therefore offensive messages. 14.5 percent of respondents to write offensive messages. In 7.9 percent of cases, confidential information has been forwarded to third parties. For the general public accessible forms of cyberbullying as uploading embarrassing photos and YouTube videos rarely come on the other hand – in 1.9 percent of cases

Every third person concerned is a victim and perpetrator

.According to the study, a clear distinction between perpetrators and victims is not always possible. Many young people reported that they were victims themselves, but at the same time others have harassed over the Internet. About a third of those affected belongs to this “offender / victim” category, while the rest of the stakeholders distributed between the perpetrator and the victim group each half.

Especially older students Bullies

Cyber bullying is indeed already with younger students a well-known phenomenon, but it increases with the grade levels to be significantly . While in the seventh grade eight percent of the students can be considered cyber bullying offenders, the proportion rises significantly thereafter, and is in the tenth grade at about 14 percent.
The survey is part of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, short DFG, funded project “Cyber ??bullying in schools.” Past surveys are used in determining the frequency of cyber-bullying cases to some very different results. In other studies, the number of victims of bullying was specified significantly lower.

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Posted By: RockNAfroPuffs | 8/02/13 12:26 PM
It seems the problem is only getting worse. One of the things I do like about the internet is this site. They stand up against cyber bullies. ( :
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