Frank Meeink
Bullying Survivor
Male | Philadelphia, PA   United States
Constantly bullied
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: 3rdDim
8/02/13 2:09 AM
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Born out of South Philadelphia, Meeink lived a violent and unpleasant childhood. It is no surprise that Meeink felt resentment towards life, in part due to lack of a structured family. Early in his life, he had to cope without his true father and with a new abusive stepfather.On top of that, Meeink’s mother refused to face reality as she escaped into drugs and alcohol. As a teenager, Meeink was constantly bullied and taunted at school, as he was seen as an outcast by his peers. At age thirteen, Meeink was out with his cousin when he discovered the Neo-Nazi Movement. At this point of his life, Meeink felt an atavistic pull toward violence, alcohol, and the notoriety offered by white supremacist gangs. At age fourteen, Meeink decides to shave his head, a symbol of commitment to the Neo-Nazi Movement. It did not take long for Meeink to gain respect, at age eighteen he was a well-respected Neo-Nazi leader and a powerful recruiter

At the age of 18 Frank Meeink was arrested after he had nearly killed a man from a rival skinhead gang and additionally kidnapped another man.[4] There was no way Meeink could argue against it because it was all caught on tape. Meeink had already been arrested a few times before for smaller crimes, but just for a short time period. For these crimes, however, he was sentenced for three years.Frank Meeink served his prison term in a prison in Illinois close to Springfield, Illinois, where he had committed his crimes.

His life in prison can be described as the turning point in Meeink’s life. He met people of many different ethnical races. Meeink became friends with many African American people, which was also caused to his interest in sports. In games like football and basketball, Meeink played a good role whereby he earned the respect of his African American inmates. Moreover, it is described that his black inmates supported him more than the Skinheads in the prison.

After getting released from prison, Frank tried to return to his past life. Upon trying to return to his old ways he realized that during his time in prison he had learned that he does not hate every one.[6] He learned a lot about himself while in prison and realized he needed to make a change. He realized he had been infected with a very radical opinion of every one.

After he served his prison sentence, he went back to where he had spent his childhood in South Philadelphia and in help with the Philadelphia Flyers he created Harmony Through Hockey. This organization was created to give young kids a chance to stay out of the way of violence and have fun while participating.

He also visits schools and gives lectures on his life and how to avoid falling into the devilish acts of violence and crime. He gets very detailed on what went on during his life from the beginning of his skinhead days to how he got where he is today.

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Posted By: ThaiTan | 8/05/13 12:23 PM
Proves you can change your life around at any moment and make a positive difference
Posted By: LoveMN | 8/06/13 12:55 PM
What an amazing journey his life has been .Its all about where you finish
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