Leyah Shanks
Bullying Survivor
Female | Edinburgh, Scotland   United Kingdom
Bullied in school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Troop88
8/01/13 11:56 AM
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A MODEL who was relentlessly bullied at primary school over her looks has launched a campaign to celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Leyah Shanks, 20, is hoping to study at Edinburgh College to be a veterinary nurse.

But the part-time model, who is a dress size 12, has pushed her career plans to one side to help other people conquer body anxieties which had tormented her.

Leyah created a website which gathers photos, videos, stories, quotes and opinion pieces which inspire contributors and viewers to like what they see when they look in the mirror.

The Body Confidence Revolution features flabby tummies, surgical scars and amputees alongside glamour images in a bid to get across the message that all bodies are beautiful.

There’s even a shot of sex symbol Marilyn Monroe with stretch marks.

Edinburgh-born Leyah said: “I want to promote body confidence and I would like other people to learn from my experiences. I’m not scared of my body any more.

“It would be great to give some solace to people who feel like I did when I was younger. I want people to realise that whether you are size six or 16, you are perfect the way you are.”

As a pupil at Cuiken Primary School in Penicuik, Leyah responded to taunts by trying to blend in.

She was tall, a bit “geeky”, and an early developer who had the body of a woman when other girls were still “straight up and down”.

She was signed up by a modelling agency at just 17, and has done TV adverts and catwalk work.


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Posted By: ThaiTan | 8/05/13 12:28 PM
I was very chubby in elementary school and it was not a good time for me either so im happy to see someone turn their lemons into lemonade (-;
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