Aura Teen
Bullying Survivor
Female | Guatemala   Guatemala
Bullied and abused
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Troop88
8/01/13 11:50 AM
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For the last five years, Aura has endured teasing, bullying and hurtful words from her classmates—all because she was born with a lip malformation. Aura stopped attending school when her classmates bullied her because of a lip malformation, but with help from Operation Blessing, Aura received corrective surgery and is now back in class.

“I ran into my house; I jumped on the bed and cried until my mother came to me,” Aura said. “I told her I never wanted to go outside. She hugged me and said, ‘I am here to defend [you], God will help us’.”

Aura’s parents sought medical help, but they were told by all of the nearby hospitals that they didn’t have the equipment to perform corrective surgery. So Aura stopped going to school, staying home from shame.

When Aura’s parents learned about an Operation Blessing-supported medical clinic, her father walked several miles to meet with a health worker and arrange surgery for Aura. Today, she has a beautiful new smile and a bright future ahead of her—Aura has even returned to school.

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Posted By: NanciesTroubles | 8/01/13 12:25 PM
It's so sad that some kids would make fun of someone with a birth defect. I can only imagine how that made this girl feel. Operation blessing seems to have truly been a blessing for her.
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