Charice Pempengco
Bullying Survivor
Female | Philippines   Philippines
Cyber bullied
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Strand14
7/30/13 11:28 AM
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International singing sensation Charice admitted that she is a victim of cyber-bullying.

In an interview with, Charice said she is getting a lot of negative comments on social networking site Facebook and microblogging site Twitter.

"Oh, I mean, boy, oh my God. I’ve experienced that a lot, especially now. I get a lot of negative messages on Twitter and Facebook, stuff like that. It is just part of [using social media]," said Charice in reply to the question "What kind of message do you have for young girls who might be the victims of cyberbullying through Twitter, etc.?"

She added: "Sometimes the worst part is that some people can’t take [the negativity]. They are too weak to handle that kind of stuff. You just have to be strong about it. It’s just words coming out of other people. If they say ‘you’re ugly,’ it's just a word – it’s never gonna kill you."

Charice said that her only advice to victims of cyber-bullying is to look at the situation in another way.

"I just want to tell other girls that if you hear a person telling you negative stuff, just remember that they’re not talking about you, they’re talking about themselves," she said.

Just last Tuesday, Charice turned to Twitter to express her disappointment on the negative things being said about her on social networking sites.

Charice, obviously hurt by the harsh comments of some people, decided to delete her personal account on Facebook.

Last month, after performing an original song on the season finale of "Glee," Charice was talked about, but a lot of comments were about the way she looked.

Fans noticed that Charice, who plays the character Sunshine Corazon, really gained weight.

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Posted By: SpicyRita | 7/31/13 11:56 AM
They are talking about themselves--projection!
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