Brendan Cole
Bullying Survivor
Male | New Zealand   New Zealand
Bullied for dancing
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: SaveLife
7/26/13 10:11 AM
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The 36-year-old admitted that in his homeland of New Zealand he was picked on for being a dancer.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “People gave me stick for being a dancer - not the way forward in a rugby playing nation.

“But if they said, 'You're a big cissy Nancy boy' I'd go to extremes to prove them wrong.”

Brendan, who moved to the UK when he was 18, added: “It was a bloody awful time. I hated school but it made me strong.

“In my twenties there was a big question mark over who I was. I wondered, 'Were those kids right?'

“Even ten years ago I was sick if being that guy at the party feeling intimidated and shy. I felt I didn't belong, a little tadpole in the world of dancing.

“Then I changed overnight. I thought, I don't have to be shy, I'm very much part of this world.”

He added: “Victoria is right - I am a pussycat. It is hard for her, though.

“As an athlete she is not used to being on the stage performing so openly but she will get much better.”

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Posted By: REsynK | 7/29/13 3:01 PM
Anyone can change overnight and be the person they always knew they were inside
Posted By: SpicyRita | 7/31/13 12:04 PM
I like that he admitted that the bullies started to make him wonder if he was really that way because that is very important for kids to hear when they are feeling confused. Dont listen to the hate because you will start to think they are right
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