Anthony Wong
Bullying Survivor
Male | Hong Kong   Hong Kong
Bullied for mixed-race
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: SaveLife
7/26/13 9:47 AM
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Anthony Wong also known as Wong Chau-Sang , birth name Anthony Perry, is a Hong Kong actor, screenwriter and film director.

Anthony Perry was born on 2 September in 1962 to an English-born sailor, Frederick Perry, and a Hong Kong Chinese mother whose surname Wong adopted as part of his current name, Anthony Wong. His father walked out on the family when he was four, which prompted his mother to relocate the family to Hong Kong. Wong has revealed in his microblog that during his first year in Hong Kong, he lived with his mother "in the staircase of a pre-war building in Wan Chai" until he was sent to live with various relatives for two years while his mother "held down three jobs".

In his acting career, Wong's established a reputation for openly critiquing the Hong Kong film industry and its practices, actors' performances and pop culture in interviews and his personal microblog. In some of those critiques, he's revealed his experiences of being bullied and discriminated--for being a "mixed race foreigner" and "during the 1960s, English-Chinese mixed-race people like me were regarded as bastards", and for being born outside Hong Kong--while growing up in Hong Kong and during the early years of his acting career.

During his late teens, Wong moved to Britain to attend a college of further education. He returned to Hong Kong to attend a training course in hairdressing until he quit to join ATV's training programme. He was 21 years old.

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Posted By: REsynK | 7/29/13 3:06 PM
So many people are mixed race now its so foolish to bully someone that came from something so beautiful
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