Lindsay Meniz
Bullying Survivor
Female | Seattle, WA   United States
So lucky
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: LindsayAnne02
7/26/13 5:04 AM
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We all make horrible choices in life, some worse than others, but it sticks with us forever. I went around looking for sympathy in the wrong places. You never, now I know after a grueling middle and high school putting up with people humiliating me, want to tell just anyone anything. It was horrible; guys I liked found out and would not talk to me. I am lucky that this didn't happen now. It's worse; cellphones and internet have changed everything. A few years later I saw one of the girls, who's brother was rude to me too, she was the first person I shared personal stuff with, close to where I worked. She acted polite in front of me and a co worker of mine at the pizza shop she worked at. I don't know if that was a front she was putting on, but she was different. I forgive people, I won't forget. If I saw her again, I would actually thank her for her betrayal because I realized that no one should be looking for sympathy for certain things. I realize I did diserve some of the bullying that I encountered, but out there now, for just existing, no one diserves it. My heart is burdend for them.

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Posted By: foreverblonde | 7/26/13 12:08 PM
Hey, another seattlite! I was bullied too, and your right. No one deserves it, not even a little. Maybe that girl did learn her lesson, and she felt bad. Would be nice of her to apologize, but, its good you guys saw each other. I can forgive as well, but forgetting is hard to do. Move on, and when your paths cross again, maybe you will get that apology you need. It wont fix the hurt she caused, but it will help you to heal on the inside.
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