country gurl
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Waco, TX   United States
I get bullied
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: MyLife3498
7/24/13 3:12 PM
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When school starts back up in August I know I am going to be bullied again just like I am bullied every year.I get called sl*t and emo b*tch when I say anything and people tell me to shut up and die.Summer is the time I can be with my family and not have to worry about being cool and the best dressed.I can wear my boots and hat and not be called a lesbo by the girls in my school.Summer is more than half way over and I dont want to go back to it because the teachers dont care and tell me to ignore them but if it was easy as that I would have done it a long time ago.Nobody has time to help they are busy so I just accept it as my life and try to be strong.If I could just be with my family on the farm all the time I would be happy but I still have a few more years left

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Posted By: foreverblonde | 7/26/13 12:00 PM
Have you asked your parents about being home schooled? Or taking an online class? Those are options you could look into. I know being who you want to be can at times be challenging. I was always an outcast at school. I would just do my best to ignore them, go extremely elaborate with my style, and eventually, they left me alone. Just continue to be you. Never change for anybody. Good luck and come keep us updated!!
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