Melissa Thomas
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Manchester, England   United Kingdom
Launched Facebook campaign to frame innocent disabled man
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: MEGA000
7/19/13 9:46 AM
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A feuding university student embarked on a Facebook campaign to frame a disabled man for cyber bullying after she was caught vandalising his front garden.

Melissa Thomas, 20, first accused innocent David Parnell of beating her up then created a social media page in his name so she could post spiteful and abusive messages to her own account - and pretend they came from him.

As a result of the lies, Mr Parnell, 30, who has special needs and walks with the aid of a crutch was arrested four times, charged with common assault and wrongly spent a total of 30 hours in a police cell.

He was left feeling suicidal for fear of being falsely sent to prison suffered panic attacks and also became fearful of leaving the house amid fears he might be evicted. All allegations made against him by Thomas were later dropped.

Mr Parnell’s ordeal emerged as Thomas, from Eccles, Greater Manchester, was spared jail after she pleaded guilty to four counts of perverting the course of justice.

Manchester Crown Court heard Thomas - a marketing and tourism student in Chester - and Mr Parnell had been friends but fell out after a disagreement.

In June last year Thomas was arrested and accepted a police caution for criminal damage for smashing plant pots outside Mr Parnell’s home.

Prosecuting Miss Lisa Boocock said: 'Thomas then made a complaint to police of common assault in which she said he hit her on the head.

'He was charged and bailed and the conditions were that he did not contact the defendant Thomas. From these bail conditions, further allegations arose.'

Thomas alleged he had threatened her and police went to Mr Parnell’s home and despite him protesting his innocent officers arrested him on suspicion of breaching bail.

Miss Boocock added: 'He was refused bail. He has moderate learning difficulties and suffers from depression and anxiety and had to spend time in a police cell after bail was initially refused. He did not think he would be able to cope if he was remanded in custody.'

A court bailed Mr Parnell the following day and he refused to leave his home alone and was forced to get taxis to avoid Thomas in the street.

Yet on July 10 Mr Parnell was arrested again after Thomas falsely claimed he was shouting abuse at her at Eccles bus station. He spent a further four hours in police custody before being bailed again.

The following week Thomas claimed Mr Parnell left her abusive Facebook messages and he was arrested for a fourth time after she falsely alleged he had shouted abuse at her in the street.

Police became suspicious when CCTV backed up Mr Parnell’s account that he had been in Manchester all day at the time of Thomas’ last allegation. He also had a cash machine receipt making it impossible that he could have breached his bail.

Officers found that there were two Facebook accounts in the name of David Parnell.

Miss Boocock added: 'One was genuine and the other had been set up by Thomas in order to engineer abusive messages from that account to hers.

'David Parnell had to spend two nights in police custody. She provided two false statements to the police and he spent almost 30 hours in police stations which he describes as the most traumatic time of his life and knew that if he was put in prison it would have killed him.

'He lost his self-esteem and has issues from spending time in custody. He said he was being made ill by the allegations against him and almost lost his tenancy.

'He is worried about leaving his flat and meeting the defendant and has panic attacks when he thinks what may have happened.'

In mitigation defence counsel Mr Martin Callery said that Thomas had endured a 'troubled history'. He added: 'She was a very troubled soul indeed, a very troubled upbringing.

'She is in full-time education in Chester, a university course in hospitality and management. She is presently in university halls of residence and living there during the course of term and out of term.

'She would not deal well with a custodial sentence, she’s small in stature and small in demeanour. Custody would crush her.'

Thomas was sentenced to four months in prison suspended for two years and was ordered to pay Mr Parnell £200 compensation and was banned from contacting him under the terms of a restraining order.

Judge Michael Henshell told her: 'You are a young woman who has suffered in your life with considerable disadvantages.

'But the effect of your offences has been considerable on him. He did suffer terrific trauma when he was detained in the police station, 30 hours was spent in custody.

'The effect of that on somebody who the affect would be magnified was very considerable. I do not believe the offences were motivated by hostility towards him or because of his disability. Your immaturity led you to take advantage of him.

'But each offence caused him distress and he could as a result have been sent to prison.'

We are happy to clarify that Ms Thomas has always denied the accusation that she admitted setting up an artificial Facebook page in Mr Parnell’s name.

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Posted By: NOTpsychotic | 7/19/13 12:11 PM
I'm not psychotic but it seems this woman clearly is. Framing someone is one of the most heinous crimes to commit in my book.
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