Gok Wan
Bullying Survivor
Male | London, England   United Kingdom
Bullied by kids in school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: CherryLane
7/18/13 11:05 AM
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Gok was born in Leicester in 1974 as Ko-Hen Wan. His father, who is Chinese, was born in Hong Kong and emmigrated to England in his teens. His mother, who is English, met his father while working in the same take-away, and they went on to run
a family restaurant.

One of three children (his brother Kwoklyn is a martial artist who teaches Jeet Kune Do, his older sister, Oilen, is a child-care
solicitor), Gok admits he was bullied for being mixed-race, as well as for being tall, over weight (he was 21 stone in his teens) and gay.

When you get bullied, I think it all leaves an impression. You should never underestimate any experience of bullying and all of it needs to be remembered because it gives you power when you are older. For me it was just a constant barrage of stuff. It was never ‘Hollywood’ style, my bullies were very clever and so there was a lot of psychological abuse going on. The bullies would beat me down, I was never physically attacked – it was all verbal and psychological. I was a big guy and so kids were physically afraid of me.

I occasionally get comments on Twitter, I simply don’t respond and just block the users. Often bullies just want a rise so they just provoke – this means that their attack is only valid if you retaliate. All social networking sites have a turn off switch, if you are being targeted online then stop people from following and friending you and block them from your networks. If it is within a community you need to evacuate yourself from it and report the bullying. The Internet is self policing, nobody is going to pick up on it unless you police it yourself. People can, as we have recently seen, be prosecuted for cyber bullying. Report it.

Gok attended a course in performing arts at the Charles Keene College of Further Education, and received a diploma. He then enrolled at the Central School of Speech and Drama, but dropped out as he felt the other students had different backgrounds and his weight was an issue.

He returned home and lost half the weight in an amazing 9 months. He went on to become a successful fashion consultant for a myriad of celebrities and high fashion magazines such as Tatler, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and The Face.

In 2004 Gok presented his first TV show 'How to look good naked' on channel 4, which was a resounding success. The show inspired women to feel confident in their bodies, teaching them how to dress to suit their shape, and love themselves. His show was a breath of fresh air amid the popular make over shows on TV at the time, which preached drastic plastic surgery, usually without addressing the emotional issues behind the lack of self-esteem.

Since his launch to TV fame, Gok has published books, launched his own clothing line, presented documentaries and further TV series and supported charities such as Children in Need and the anti-bullying charity Kidscape, as well as launching a National Glasses Day encouraging people to wear their glasses with pride.


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Posted By: Sact00 | 7/18/13 2:14 PM
I have seen him on TV before and he is a cool person
Posted By: AliReed | 7/23/13 11:39 AM
His dad is so cute!
Posted By: SHOrty | 7/24/13 3:40 PM
I had a weight issue when I was younger and when I graudated from college I was at a water park with my family and was asked by a talent scout to model for their agency. It was the best feeling I have ever had and I know he felt the same way when he dropped that weight
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