Jenny Lau
Bullying Survivor
Female | Hong Kong   Hong Kong
Bullied by a director
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Fringe
7/17/13 11:06 AM
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Jenny Lau, the aspiring actress who became famous after being bullied by director Cheung Wing Ho, has given up acting to focus on being a news anchor after her performance in Reality Check annoyed netizens.

According to a report in The Sun, she was heavily criticized for her "poor acting" as well as the despicable role she played. Viewers were particularly annoyed by her frequent line, "Ah B! Ah B!".

This is Jenny's first major role, playing Louise Lee's future daughter-in-law, "Ho Yee".

It has been a rocky road for the aspiring actress however. Six months earlier, during the the filming of Reality Check, director Cheung Wing Ho treated her harshly. Jenny was shoved into a wall, and had a bag full of frogs dumped over her head, an incident that turned into a big scandal.

Jenny took the ill news well however, saying, "I don't feel wronged, a newcomer usually gets criticized. This is self-discipline for me. If I didn't try, then how would I know what I need to improve on? I'm already considered a lucky one; I'm just a student without much background, many other classmates from the TVB Artistes Training class are still getting bystander roles. I'm pleased to have a role with lines and a name.

She added, "Since the harsh treatment scandal, I have never complained because I knew everyone wanted the best for the series. I'm actually very thankful of the producer for giving me the opportunity to be in this series."

As a newcomer, Jenny is still trying out new things, such as being an entertainment news anchor. She said: "I was already working as a news anchor before filming series, but that's just part-time. Then I started doing both acting and anchoring, but didn't think I was learning anything, so I hope to concentrate more on being a news anchor first."

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Posted By: BeeHive8 | 7/17/13 12:54 PM
What kind of a crazy director dumps frogs on his actors
Posted By: Sact00 | 7/18/13 2:16 PM
I hope he was charged with assault for pushing her into a wall
Posted By: AliReed | 7/23/13 11:42 AM
Hello! Meanest director on the planet!!
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