Pj B
Bullying Survivor
Female | Satellite Beach, FL   United States
Welcome to Middle School
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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7/16/13 1:02 PM
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I was new in the school and a girl walked up behind me and shoved my head in the water fountain while I eas getting a drink. It was my first day! She split my lip. When I turned around to see a stranger, she laughed. Welcome to 7th grade! I was innocently walking out of the school that day when I was captured by 3 large girls. The dragged me downstairs where I was met by about 50 other girls. The "leader" of the group told me that I would know what it meant to be in a "new school" and if I wanted to last, I would take the beating". Lucky for me, I was small enough and fast enough to book it out of there before I was beat to death.
I spent the next 3 years looking around corners, hiding in offices and rooms, ducking in and out of hallways just to avoid being seem or caught. It was the most tormenting experience I have ever been through.
Finally, after 3 years, I gave up hiding and living in FEAR. The school was useless. They didnt want to hear it. They wanted me to be quiet about it, stay away from them and avoid them. Hello? That is what I did for 3 years. They still did nothing and in my opinion, didnt care.
Again, after 3 years of the torture, I gave up. I found the leader and said " ok, here I am, if you want to kill me, go ahead, if you want to mangle me, go ahead...I dont care anymore. To my surprise, she backed down and told her groupies to leave me alone, that I wasnt worth the time. FINALLY! By facing her, I was left alone.
I am a bully survivor. Today, I am confident. Today, I am a leader. TODAY, I am ATA STRONG!

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Posted By: charlierayne | 7/16/13 7:18 PM
Good for you! I am so happy your story had such a great ending! It feels good when you hold the power to stand up for yourself. Proud of you and what you are doing!!!
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