Chase Cristia
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Female | New Port Richey, FL   United States
Bully Who Brutally Beat Fellow Student On Bus Gets Off With Probation
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Hopefulls
7/16/13 10:52 AM
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A bully who brutally beat a fellow student on a bus in February was sentenced to 270 days of probation.

On Thursday, the teen who beat 16-year-old Chase Cristia pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge.

Chase’s mother, Tracy, said that the sentencing felt like a big relief. “So many sleepless nights,” she said. “Emergency room visits, stomach aches, nightmares.”

Another girl videotaped the beating on the bus and posted it on Facebook afterward.

“I’ve replayed it in my head over and over and over,” Tracy said. “I mean, it’s my baby. I can hear her screaming to stop. I can see it as vivid as if I were watching it.”

The brutal beating reportedly happened after Chase told two girls in the lunchroom earlier that day to grow up and stop picking on another student.

During the beating, the 17-year-old girl punched Chase in the back of the head and neck at least 10 times. After she finished beating her, she yelled, “That’s what you get for talking s**t, b***h!”

Chase wrote a statement about the incident but was too shy to read it in court. The prosecutor read the statement for her.

“With the love and support from my family and friends I will overcome,” she wrote, “but I believe these girls should be held accountable for their poor decisions.”

“Not only did they plan and execute this attack on me, but they were proud of what they did and bragged about it. I believe they should be punished and made to learn a lesson from this.”

The bully who beat Chase on the bus must keep a curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., write a letter of apology to both Cristia and her own mother and undergo mental and substance abuse evaluations. She also must stay off social media and pay restitution to Chase.

Do you believe the bully received a fair sentence? Or do you believe she deserved jail time?


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Posted By: HistoryOfBullying | 7/17/13 11:07 AM
Misdemeanor battery is a serious charge that will fester any future charges. I hope the kid learns his lesson and doesn't go deeper into the system.
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