"Dear Bully" letter
Female | Tucson, AZ   United States
4th Period Math everyday you made me cry inside
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: LoveYourself
7/15/13 1:07 AM
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I have had enough I don't know why you don't like i don't want to sound me i just want to know why you don't like everyday i was quiet while you and your friends made fun of me why i don't know i don't want to sound like i'm b*tching i just want to know why you don't like me have i have never even made eye contact with you i stayed out of your way every single time you came down the hall i simple moved out of the way never got in your way all you did was laugh at me i'm sorry i have acne and i am not the smallest either. You made my life hell all i have to say is Karma is one hell of a bitch and i forgive you for everything you have called me i hope you have a good life but again you hate me so whatever i know you don't care what happens to me have a good life

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