Mandeep Singh
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Canning Vale, Western Australia   Australia
Guard commits suicide over wrokplace bullying
Bullying Type: Emotional
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7/12/13 11:10 AM
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Evidence that a prison officer was racially abused and routinely bullied by colleagues before he took his own life was not passed on to police or the State Coroner by the Department of Corrective Services.

On Friday, the department said it was unable to find any reports about the suicide despite The West Australian having copies of two department documents dealing with the death in May last year.

Written by an investigator and the director of the department's internal investigations unit, the documents include information from workmates that Mandeep Singh, 24, was regularly referred to as a "f…… raghead" and "curry muncher" at Hakea Prison.

According to the documents, one officer "firmly believed that the bullying and harassment of Singh contributed significantly to him taking his own life".

Mr Singh, who was from India, left a suicide note that indicated he was not coping with a family issue back home. Combined with the racism, the officers said that "Singh regularly received abusive calls from someone within the prison . . . where he was abused and the person then hung up".

That information was emailed up the department's chain of command and was known to people who worked closely with then-corrective services commissioner Ian Johnson.

The West Australian can also reveal that soon after a female prison officer announced her retirement from Bunbury Prison in 2011, she was the target of hate mail sent to her home. She received a farewell card containing 20 cents and two notes.

"We'll miss you like a hole in the head," the first read. "What a useless, rorting waste of space you were. Rest assured you were hated here. We send you nothing but bad wishes."

The anonymous author also said the prison officer had a "pathetic work ethic" because she was "part tarbrush".

An internal investigation identified the prison officer responsible for the card but his victim was not given an opportunity to speak at a disciplinary tribunal.

In the end, commissioner Johnson decided to demote rather than sack the officer, John Garwood.

"Mr Garwood will be required to personally attend my office in order that I can express to him personally my complete abhorrence regarding his actions," Mr Johnson said in a letter to the victim.

WA Prison Officers Union secretary John Welch said he was surprised no action was taken against any officers in relation to the racism directed at Mr Singh.

"We have no truck whatsoever when any of our members act in that way," Mr Welch said.

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Posted By: 2Excited2Day | 7/12/13 11:30 AM
They couldn't find the reports. A likely story.
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