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Schools in Wales accused of not tackling anti-gay bullying
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7/11/13 11:14 AM
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A Welsh politician has accused schools of not doing enough work to tackle homophobic bullying today (8 July).

Lindsay Whittle, a Welsh assembly member from the national party Plaid Cymru, said there had been more than 70 reports of homophobic bullying had been at schools in one part of Wales in the past five years.

He said he feared the number of reports was just the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Speaking to Wales Online, Whittle said the survey carried out by his party indicates many schools have no recorded incidents of homophobic bullying.

‘That does make me think whether or not all schools identify homophobic bullying separately from bullying accusations generally.

‘If pupils are called gay, for instance, that should be recorded as homophobic bullying. At the other end of the scale, schools that have recorded incidents and taken action, such as taking sanctions against pupils, should be commended for dealing with the issues seriously.

‘I believe these figures are probably the tip of the iceberg and I urge all schools to treat the issue of homophobic bullying with the seriousness it deserves, record incidents and take the appropriate action when necessary.’

In the survey, it found 11 secondary in South-East Wales had no recorded homophobic incidents and a further nine had recorded less than five.

Luke Young, education officer for Stonewall Cymru, said: ‘Our most recent research, The School Report 2012, shows that over half of all lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) pupils experience homophobic bullying.

‘With such widespread reports it’s surprising to find such a large number of schools in the area have reported no incidents.

‘We know that when schools monitor homophobic incidents and act on the information they have the rate of bullying falls. In schools that don’t respond to homophobic bullying when it occurs, gay pupils are much more likely to experience bullying.’

A Plaid Cymru investigation last year revealed that most Welsh councils had no idea of the extent of homophobic bullying in their schools because incidents were not recorded.

The Welsh Government released its anti-bullying guide Respecting Others last year, which includes a specific section on homophobia.

A spokesman said: ‘We would encourage all local authorities to work with schools in adopting systems to record incidents of homophobic bullying and ensuring they are acted upon.

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Posted By: SundayLove7 | 7/11/13 11:51 AM
It's just like anything else. If it's not main stream, and is different.. people are going to bully.
Posted By: nandorainerPB | 7/12/13 11:12 AM
I hope they finish their investigation and get to the bottom of this matter. Too many kids are taking their lives because of bullying.
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