Sara G
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Manchester, CT   United States
Lunch Room Disaster
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: LilMissSinger
7/09/13 4:52 PM
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So, our lunch tables in sixth grade were pretty small, and there was barely enough room for all of us to fit at one table. One day, someone new started sitting at our table, and so one of my friends had to sit somewhere else. Half of us were about to move to sit with her when a bunch of the "popular kids" raced over and sat with her. Three got up and started calling us "fake friends" and yelling at us when we were about to go sit with her. After lunch, we told the teacher and two of my friends went into the bathroom and started to cry. Me and another friend went in and tried to help. It was really sad to see my friends that upset and the talked about it for the rest of the school year. Two girls stopped sitting with those kids, too. One of the meanest girls tried to apologize, but I know better than to forgive her now, since she's been mean before. I've forgiven some of them, but I can't forgive all of them.

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Posted By: duncanhinescakes | 7/11/13 8:57 PM
It's hard to forgive. But always remember that when you forgive those who hurt you or others around you, you internally let that anger and grudge dissipate. Try to forgive them all. You are a brave soul! Keep smiling and stay inspired!
Posted By: Bunker | 7/15/13 2:06 PM
They will all feel very silly in a few years for arguing about who sits with who at lunch. Dont be their friends but dont be resentful either or it will make you feel worse
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