Bullying Survivor
Female | Crittenden, KY   United States
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: babygail
7/08/13 5:01 PM
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I was bulled because i was different .I like snake frog fishing and the kids didn't like it . They would call me a boy and worse. I had no friends But my home life was not much better .I was hit lot so I really had no escape . Put the woods I lived by . Win I was in middle school It just got wost because I fond out that I had to be in ld class . So a new names stared . The one class I did like was band . But my mom and dad was getting a devied my dad left so I did not get hit as much but my mom staed drinking . So I had to school to eat . And go to nader to eat at home . High School was the worst time in my life . I got in to drug . I was Bing chase by people everyday I hated school.So I quit school . But I t das get better . I have there kids now and I will not put up with bulling . I woke with the teacher so my kids bonot not have to go through what I went through.

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Posted By: FootDoc | 7/09/13 12:15 PM
Make sure you children understand how important it is to stay in school and get an education Betty
Posted By: duncanhinescakes | 7/11/13 8:54 PM
That's great that you work with the teacher. That means you have eyes on your kids at all times! That's really great! Stay strong for your kids!!
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