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Toddler beaten up at pre school
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: 24rake
7/08/13 3:00 AM
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TRANG - The parents of a small boy beaten by an older child at a pre-school centre say its staff must keep a closer watch on the children in their care.

The boy, aged two years and seven months, was beaten by a three-year-old at the centre in Kan Trang district on Friday, according to other children who claimed the teacher did nothing.

The boy's mother said she dropped the child at the centre as usual on Friday morning but around 1.30pm, two teachers visited her home and urged her to rush to the centre.

When she got to the centre, which is run by the Koh Libong Tambon Administrative Organisation, she found her son with bruises on his face and back. He is now being treated in Kan Trang hospital.

The mother said she asked the teachers what had happened and they said they did not see who had hurt the boy.

The teachers gave her some antibiotics but the boy’s condition did not improve so the couple brought their son to the hospital. Doctors want to observe his condition for two nights.

The mother said she asked her son's friends what had happened and they said he was attacked by another boy aged over three years old. The children said they told a teacher but she ignored the situation.

After the incident, the mother said she met the attacker's parents but they did not want to negotiate. The couple then reported the incident at a local police station.

The mother said she was upset by the negligence of the teacher and called on the centre and its staff to take more responsibility.

She said her house is located close to the sea and a well, so the couple were concerned about the boy's safety at home. That was why they decided to bring him to the pre-school centre in the first place.

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Posted By: DayLight2Nite | 7/08/13 11:13 AM
This may be the youngest bullying story I've ever seen. A 2 and 3 year old bullying story is just ridiculous.
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