j p
Bullying Survivor
Female | Modesto, CA   United States
Why me?
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Viper
7/04/13 3:16 AM
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I'm currently being bullied by this person, i will call T. Well T started to bully me Four years now going on Five. Ive told teachers,counselors, even my parents but they cant help me. I don't know why she decided to bully me, and i wish she would leave me alone. i need help!! Please help me because i feel like i wanna die, i cut myself and Ive tried to kill myself but it doesn't work, and on top of being bullied my mom bullies me as well. I need help before i cut too far!!

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Posted By: Daretodream | 7/08/13 12:08 PM
Does anyone around you see the abuse, such as a good friend, your dad (when your mom does it)? Does anyone know that you are cutting and trying to kill yourself? you need to get some help before this goes to far. if the school personal is not helping, and your parents are unable to help, then you need to go to your local church, community center, a close friend, family member. Find a way to maybe tell the bullies parents, if you know who they are. Keep bothering people until you are heard. Your life is precious. Don't allow someone to rob you of that. Stay strong, stay talking ot anyone and everyone to be heard!!!
Posted By: FootDoc | 7/09/13 12:20 PM
How does your Mom bully you? Is your Father aware of the bullying at school?
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