Jac Rivera
Bullying Survivor
Female | Baltimore, MD   United States
The weird girl
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Gisela
7/02/13 6:13 PM
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It was the beginning of 4th grade I was the new girl and I didn't know anyone lucky when I moved my best friend moved too but I didn't know that. So first week of school was fine like any other. A few weeks later everything starts they start to call me names exclude me from group projects and I lost a few friends. I thought it was normal. Was the new girl and they all new each other from yrs of being in the same school. For about a week everything stopped and I thought I'll be fine but no everything started again and then when we all heade out to the playground I would be pushed around and I would get hurt...no one wanted to play with me. I was fine I played with other kids. When we would go out for lunch I would sit alone.....might be asking yourself wht happened to my best friend she was always around but she had new friends and I was invisible.....sometimes I would cry at night.....sometimes mom asked me how I hurt myself I would say I tripped at the playground.....I thought I would never leave hell but I did everything stopped at one point and at the end I tranfered school got really nice friends but just when I thought I left hell everything started again in the 6th grade one of the grisl from 4th grade went to my middle school and started all that shit again......that's for another time.....I'm was bullied for 3..4....6 grade but it started to hurt the most when I was in the 4th grade...but look I'm still here fighting and helping others

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Posted By: LindyLou | 7/02/13 8:03 PM
good for you and keep up the great effort and fight! I am sorry you have had to endure that torment. I hope things get better! Keep smiling, staying strong, and fighting the good fight!!
Posted By: Gisela | 7/03/13 7:13 PM
Thank you and I am living a good life now because i stayed strong now im with an amazing boyfriend who understands everything
Posted By: Daretodream | 7/08/13 12:11 PM
I am so glad you have overcame all this! Good job and so glad to see you are giving back to others and helping with their struggles!
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