Raquelle Gracie
Bullying Survivor
Female | London, England   United Kingdom
Relentless bullying
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: FairWorld
6/27/13 11:54 AM
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In 2007, Gracie entered “The X-Factor” as a soloist and at boot camp was put into girl band "Hope". They reached the semi-finals and came 5th in the competition. Following this endeavour, Gracie became the face of "Lipsy" 2008 and the girls went on tour with the X-Factor, playing huge venues and performing in front of sold out crowds often numbering in the tens of thousands of people. After securing management, the girls then toured with Westlife, Boyzone and Shayne Ward. Hope then went on to record a track with Pharrell Williams. No single was released and shortly after the girls went their separate ways.

Gracie continued in the music industry and spent the next year in LA working with many industry names. She recorded and wrote with Randy Jackson, securing a placement with song "Strobelight" for artist Kimberley Locke, which went to #4 on the US dance charts. Gracie also had her song "Take me Away" featured on CSI:NY and wrote "Northern Star" for Japanese star Tania Christopher. She was also the "New Music Tuesdays" host for Dipdive.com, a website run by Will.I.Am.

Gracie was then signed as a solo artist by record label "Sodapop" run by "Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds", there she wrote and recorded over half of her album. However, nothing was released and Gracie is now managed by George Ebenezer and Peter DeBrando Chiesa and resides in London, UK.

“As soon as I started college, I had people b*tching about me and saying horrible things.

“Because I was from a privileged background and my family had money, people took an instant dislike to me.

“I was carrying a bit of puppy fat and that gave them even more ammunition to have a go at me.

“It never got physical but it was still relentless bullying for two years.

“After a while, it really weighs you down and, if you’re not strong enough, it can really ruin your life.

“I did break down and cry about it sometimes. But, on the whole, it made me more determined to do well and succeed.

“So I guess, in a way, they helped make me the person I am today.”

Raquelle’s nightmare began in 2003 after she joined the Italia Conti drama school in London – where she dated Strictly Come Dancing heart-throb Matt Di Angelo.

By this time, her father, Muhammed Naviede, had been released from prison after being sentenced to nine years on fraud charges.

And, thanks to his multi-millions, she was one of the few students who could afford the expensive fees without gaining a scholarship.

She said: “My dad would drop me off in his Mercedes and I would get taunted as soon as he had driven away.

“It was hard because I didn’t feel I had done anything to deserve it. Some people were just jealous that my family had money and they took it out on me.

“The fact my father had been in prison didn’t help.”

Raquelle decided to speak out to promote Anti- Bullying Week which starts tomorrow.

Before Hope’s performance on the ITV1 show yesterday, she told us: “I don’t want people to feel sorry for me at all.

“I just want them to know that, if you are strong-willed and determined, it can make you stronger.”


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Posted By: One01 | 7/01/13 1:10 PM
Determination and a strong will can get you very far in life
Posted By: Tigers313 | 7/02/13 1:58 PM
Big or small everyone has their own problems and we should never forget that
Posted By: SPIDERMAN2 | 7/10/13 1:23 PM
I dont wnat to be bullied in college I want it to stop before that
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