Jeremy Raymond
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied in early years
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: RightWay
6/26/13 12:05 PM
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Handpicked by JJ Abrams himself, actor Jeremy Raymond scored the role of a lifetime as the Lead Nibiran in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness.’ This up and coming actor has earned a Gemini nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Program and has a lot on his horizon. Best known for his roles in SyFy’s ‘Alice,’ ‘Kyle KY,’ he also played opposite Gena Rowlands in ‘The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie.’ This talented young actor talks about what it was like on the set of “Star Trek Into Darkness” with Abram’s brilliant movie making magic.

I come from a long line of interesting people, so I didn't even think I had a unique look until kids at school started pointing it out to me. It's always been a double-edged sword. For starters, I stand out whether I want to or not. When I was starting out in my career, that meant that a lot of the smaller roles weren't open to me -- I was constantly being told that the directors really liked me, but I pulled focus away from the lead actor, but later on in my career it started to open doors that just aren't open to more conventional looking actors.

As a kid I decided to embrace the fact that I stood out from the rest of the kids, and developed a pretty good sense of humor. Even though I was one of the smallest kids in my grade, I could use my words to disarm (or even dismantle if need be) bigger bullies. I was half class-clown/half anarchist, but my teachers always seemed to like me; so even though I was sent to the principal's office constantly, they never wanted me expelled.

I was bullied a lot in my early school years. I was a funny looking kid and I had a wicked temper, so if provoked I could be counted on to fly off the handle. Which was exactly the sort of reaction certain bullies love. When I was in fifth grade I started studying martial arts (and have continued to train to this day), and that provided me with a way to get more control over myself. Then I was fortunate to have a couple great teachers who helped rein me in a little more. My big mouth would still get me into trouble, but I wouldn't lose control like I did when I was younger, so the bullies lost interest and moved on.

If I had to go back in a time machine, I would teach myself assertive communication much earlier. Being able to stand your ground and tell people that it's not okay to step on your toes is an immensely powerful skill that a surprising number of adults haven't yet mastered. I had reacted with aggression, which often created more problems for me, but to be able to respond assertively is what really makes a difference. And, full disclosure: I still struggle with this at times, so I guess it's okay to make mistakes.

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Posted By: ThePower143 | 6/26/13 2:21 PM
Like that he chooses to handle the situation without violence because that is the best way possible
Posted By: One01 | 7/01/13 1:12 PM
If JJ hand picked him he has to be a supreme talent, good for him he deserves it
Posted By: SPIDERMAN2 | 7/10/13 1:24 PM
I dont think there is anything wrong with him to me
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