Brad Goreski
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Terrified of school
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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6/25/13 11:52 AM
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Brad Goreski, the celebrity stylist and star of Bravo's "It's a Brad, Brad World," can now add "author" to his resume. His new memoir, "Born to Be Brad," recounts how a pudgy boy from a tiny Canadian town became a fashion guru working alongside Rachel Zoe.

However, the road to fashion fame has had its ups and downs. Along the way, Goreski battled a drug addiction, interned at Vogue and found personal happiness with his partner, Gary Janetti. He talked to The Huffington Post about his journey, addressing what it was like to have been bulled growing up, his feud with Zoe and the current state of his relationship.

I feel like the bullying is so out of control right now and I feel like we're kind of backtracking a little bit. It feels exactly the way it was when I was in school. I support organizations like the Trevor Project. I feel like it's very important that if you have any kind of platform and you're out and gay and had any kind of exposure like that and made it through, it's important for that story to be out there for people to see and read.

I was definitely terrified to go to school every single day and that went all the way through high school. It never really stopped until I moved out -- moved to college and found my tribe of people.

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Posted By: ThePower143 | 6/26/13 2:27 PM
We all need a tribe!
Posted By: One01 | 7/01/13 1:15 PM
Getting away from a town that rejects you and flourishing in another it one of the best feelings you will ever have
Posted By: SPIDERMAN2 | 7/10/13 1:28 PM
I saw him on tv and he is funny and nice
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