Steven Frayne
Bullying Survivor
Male | Bradford, England   United Kingdom
Dynamo magician reveals bullied past
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Tr4cker
6/18/13 11:20 AM
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It shouldn’t be hard — but I might as well be trying to pick up my gran’s bungalow.

For this is no ordinary 8st chap but Dynamo the magician, who is fast becoming the world’s biggest name in trickery and grand illusions.

He rubs shoulders with Brad Pitt and Tinie Tempah and has dazzled some of the planet’s biggest celebrities with his jaw-dropping performances. He has walked on the Thames while barely getting his feet wet and made Lindsay Lohan levitate off a stool.

After watching him pull a sweet on a chain from inside his throat THROUGH his neck, Will Smith crumpled up in disbelief, declaring: “That is absolutely stunning.”

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin proclaimed him the best magician he had ever seen.

But despite enjoying stardom today, the 29-year-old trickster hasn’t lost his northern cheeky-chappy charm, and reveals his slick skills stem from a dark time in his early life.

Dynamo — real name Steven Frayne — says: “I learned the picking-up trick when I was around seven, so two brothers who bullied me at school wouldn’t put me in a wheelie bin before rolling me down a hill any more.

“I couldn’t be budged. After that people became a bit afraid of me, I became a bit of an urban myth. I was left alone from then on.”

But his magic did not quite have the consequences that young Steven had intended.

He continues: “These brothers would still bully me — but wouldn’t let anyone else pick on me. It was kind of a weird relationship.

“I never came to this realisation until now, but in a way I was paying for their protection by being their victim. One day these lads threw me in a dam. I remember thinking then, ‘I wish I could walk on water’.”

Fast-forward 24 years and Steven — by now known all over the globe as Dynamo — took a stroll across the Thames in London to promote the second series of Dynamo: Magician Impossible on TV, pacing the water’s surface as if it were concrete.

Dynamo’s autobiography Nothing Is Impossible , and his early life reads like something from a Jeremy Kyle special. It is characterised not just by the playground bullying, but by racial abuse — he is of mixed race — and a father who spent more time in prison than he did with his kids.

Steven and his younger siblings, Jessica, Troy and Lee, were brought up single-handedly by their mum. The future TV star was just four when his dad first went to jail. He was in and out for petty offences for the next 14 years.

Steven says: “My dad was a small-time criminal, wannabe big-time gangster. I just got used to never seeing him.

“But my grandad — who was really my great grandad — filled the void admirably. He passed away on February 29 this year, which means I mourn his passing every four years.”

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Posted By: ShabbyJ | 6/18/13 2:14 PM
Any man you can walk on water I am a fan of instantly!
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