Anonymous Boy
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Bossier City, LA   United States
Changing school to avoid bullying
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: NoraLite
6/17/13 2:46 PM
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Some south Bossier parish parents say they're tired of a growing issue in schools: bullying.They believe more needs to be done, and one parent says she's taking action by moving her son to another school.She wants to remain anonymous, but she says her son has been the target of relentless bullying."He's been called names, he's had things thrown at him, he's been kicked, he's been hit," she says.Her son, who we won't name either, has attended Elm Grove Middle School in south Bossier for his sixth and seventh grade year.Now, she's working to get him moved to another school, because the bullying situation just won't go away."It got to the point where he told somebody at the school that he would rather take his own life than put up with the bullying anymore."Her son admitted having suicidal thoughts at times, and has been hospitalized before.This mom says schools need to do more, and parents of accused bullies should be held accountable too."And you know what? When you start making it tough on the parents, there'll be a change. If the parents have to miss work, because their child is suspended, things will change. If they have to come out of pocket, because their kid is being a bully, things will change."She also hopes bullying seminars, like the one at Ascend Combat Gym in Shreveport help put a stop to children feeling helpless.The seminar was held in memory of TZ Blanc, a former Parkway High School student who committed suicide this year."We want to remember TZ," says Kim Addison, TZ's cousin. "We want to remember what he was about. We want to remember that he was a sweet, loving child and he didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve any of this."Addison works at Ascend Combat, and she's TZ's cousin.Addison says bullying is a real problem, and she wants children to know they can defend themselves."We hope that they take that there are other options," says Addison. "You're not alone. You can call me, you can call one of these fighters, you can call any of the family and we'll be there for them. We'll go help them." - See more at:

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Posted By: SuppliMental | 6/18/13 11:11 AM
It sounds like some of those parents are stirring the pot and hopefully they will gain some much needed attention for anti-bullying in their community.
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