Lauren Maxwell
Bullying Survivor
Female | Portland, TN   United States
Innocence Lost;
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: xxgypsysoulxxUser Verified
6/15/13 8:39 PM
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From the time I could walk, to the day I started my first day of high school, I was sexually abused by my grandfather. That's a huge junk of my life, my entire childhood and innocence was stolen away from me. My mom is the only one I ever told. I feared telling my grandmother, she thought this man hung the moon and stars in her night sky. I have attempted suicide twice, to rid myself of the demons he left behind. As I got older, he just began taunting me. "Why do you hate me?" "I have done so good by you." All he ever did was buy my silence, and as a child, I didn't understand it. I thought it was a game. Now, I realize how much of a bully he was. How manipulative he was. My last suicide attempt, was nearly a success. I moved away, to escape him. The demons in his life, only God can judge. Why should I be a bully back?

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Posted By: 1World | 6/17/13 3:19 PM
I dont think you are a bully for telling your story to your family. Even though he is your grandfather you should explain what happened to your mother and ask her for support when you tell your grandmother. I hope you can find happiness in your life Lauren
Posted By: ShabbyJ | 6/18/13 2:37 PM
I have encountered a lot of monsters in my life but they never were worth my life. I took the lesson I learned from them and vowed to never let it happen again no matter the costs. You are your own person and you live your life how you need to live it. Keep your sanity because its the thing you need most
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