"Dear Bully" letter
Male | Portland, TN   United States
This Is Why I Hate You;
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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6/15/13 8:33 PM
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You have no idea the lasting scars you have left on my life. You have no idea the trauma and hurt you have caused me. You tried to silence your secrets by buying me things. No one ever knew of the things you did to me. You ruined my childhood. You stole away my innocence. The older I got, the more you taunted me. "You're so stupid." "You'll never go anywhere in life with that dream." I could never stand up for myself, because what if I spilled your secret? What if Jonie found out about all the times you touched her only grand daughter? You know what you have done, come clean about it. I'm done with you, for forever. Don't ever contact me. You are dead to me. I can destroy your life, as you destroyed mine. But, who wants to be a bully like you? Only God can judge you, now. Seek him to save you from the demon inside your soul.

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