Wagner Carrilho
Bullying Survivor
Male | Brazil   Brazil
Needed karate for bullies
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Swarmed
6/13/13 1:07 PM
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For as long as Wagner can remember in his childhood, all he wanted was to be a singer.

His passion for his favourite sports, Bodysurfing, Judo and Karate, led him to become a PE Teacher and a Karate Sensei. After years working in schools, having his own gyms, and occasionally singing in small venues, Wagner decided to have a break in show business, so he auditioned for The X Factor.

Wagner impressed the judges at his first audition. Simon Cowell said “I think that my mom would really really fancy you”, and Natalie Imbruglia later declared that she could not take her eyes off him. When Wagner and his congas are on stage, the audience can expect a unique music show with Rock & Pop Music, Bel Canto and Classical Arias, as well as Brazilian Carnival and World Music in different languages.

Book the unmissable Wagner for PAs or get in touch for details on ‘The Wagner Experience’, an unforgettable journey through some of the most exciting and beautiful songs ever written, performed by Wagner and his remarkable live band!

Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, the land of carnivals and cocktails, created the flamboyant streak in Wagner, friends have said.

But life in Brazil was not always smooth for young Wagner, who suffered at the hands of bullies when he was eight. It was his late older brother - who coincidentally also shared a name with a composer, Verdi - who came to his rescue, teaching him his first few karate moves so he could defend himself.

"He has always been very proud of his brother, and speaks very highly of him," Ian said.

"You weren't allowed to learn karate in Brazil until you were 18 so Verdi taught him a few moves so he could stand up for himself."


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Posted By: 1World | 6/17/13 3:09 PM
I wish I had an older brother when i was getting bullied in school
Posted By: ShabbyJ | 6/18/13 2:28 PM
I like that he became a karate sensai I bet he has a special place in his heart for young kids that need self defense from bullying.
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